For many years, farmers in the central highlands of Kenya have depended on Coffee as the main cash crop. Everything was going on well with farmers smiling to the banks until sometime back when prices plummeted to the great disappointment of coffee farmers in Kenya.

But just when doom seemed like the inevitable reality for these farmers, came the Hass avocado, a variety that has a high demand overseas. Hope has been rekindled and farmers’ accounts are now swelling since the export market is too hungry for this crop.

Hass avocado farming in Kenya is bigger than coffee. Any unit of the tree if  appropriately irrigated will provide 1,000 fruits a year, which translates to Sh8,000.”

With that, we can do a rapid calculation: an acre of avocado can have 150 to 200 trees. If each tree gives you Ksh8,000 per year, an acre with 150 trees will give you at least 1.2 million per year.

Keeping in mind the under-supplied market and the fact that avocado trees require little attention, this is a venture worth investing in. It takes only 2 years to start harvesting.


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