Agriculture is becoming an exact science. It is a never-ending science, with many angles that open up avenues leading in all directions. The successful farmer still needs to have a love of the land, and practical experience, and plenty of courage and determination; but in addition he now needs a thorough grounding in the science of his calling. In the future this will be even more true.

To be successful, a farmer must know a great deal about his land and the products he plans to raise.

Every plant and animal is a complicated organism. He who wishes to succeed in the culture of maize, kales, onions or tomatoes for example, must be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of the plant, its germination and growth, the diseases and blights to which it is susceptible, and the methods of controlling them.

The dairy farmer must be acquainted with the characteristics of his cattle; their feed requirements, their breeding habits, and their common illnesses. Likewise, fruit farming requires expert knowledge of tree growth as well as grafting, pruning, spraying, and fertilizing.

In addition to knowing things like these, a farmer should have a sense of business, be able to sell his product where and when it is most profitable, keep adequate records (so as to know where he stands financially), and, above all, plan his production to take advantage of the most favorable markets.

There’s a saying “Don’t ever bet against farmers.” Farmers must grow their businesses while constantly battling declining profit margins, industry incumbents with vastly more market power and the daily roller coaster of commodity prices and weather. In many ways, farmers are the ultimate entrepreneurs, constantly innovating, growing businesses by themselves and taking full responsibility for all aspects of product delivery.

Facts About Farmers That Will Become Ultimately Very Successful.

  1. The farmers who will ultimately become very successful are first and foremost very passionate about farming and are willing to suffer for it. Many farmers packed up because they are only interested in making money fast with very little or no passion for farming.
  2. The Farmers who will ultimately become very successful are very business minded. From my interactions and experience, I have seen that not all farmers are business minded.
  3. The farmers who will ultimately become very successful see money or the profits they make as a tool for more and more investments. The farmers who see money or profits as a way to buy stuff or trivialities will never be successful.
  4. The farmers who will ultimately become very successful see risks as something they can’t afford not to take. Poor farmers are always afraid to take calculated risks. They love playing it safe always.
  5. The farmers who will ultimately become very successful always see marketing as an investment that is a must on constant basis. Poor farmers always see marketing as a cost. They only want marketing resources when it is free.
  6. The farmers who will ultimately become very successful are always thinking big, positive and prosperity even when they are still very small. A big farmer who is very small minded and negative will ultimately become poor.
  7. The farmers who will ultimately become very successful are willing to spend their last penny to upgrade their knowledge. Poor farmers only want information when it is free though they won’t give away their farm products free. Funny. Isn’t it?
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So what is your score out of 7?

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