Netizens took to social media to commend Kibwana for the good work he was doing for the electorate in his County.

Well, within just two weeks Makueni governor H E Prof Kivutha Kibwana has launched two factories, Milk and Mango processing plants meanwhile nothing is happening in Tana River and Kwale counties the home of best mangoes in the country, nothing is happening in Gusii region the home of bananas and milk, nothing is happening in Meru, nothing is happening anywhere but just in Makueni, well atleast in Machakos Mutua is painting roads and lying to the world that its tarmack.

Kikima Dairy Plant has now started production of fresh milk. Our farmers will no longer worry about wastage and lack of marke ~~ Twitted

Sample this:

1. Makueni Industrial Game Changer is Here

The Makueni Fruit Processing Plant engines have roared to life again, to process this season’s mango harvest.

Over 72 Metric tonnes of raw mango all from Makueni farmers had been delivered to the factory.

By the end of the season, the factory is projected to process 2100 metric tonnes of raw mango from across the country, producing 4,000 drums of mango puree. Each drum holds 205 litres of puree.

The plant will curb 40 percent of post-harvest fruit waste that farmers used to grapple with in the past.

With value addition, curbed waste and stabilised prices, the value of the mango sector in Makueni is projected to increase immensely from the current KES 3Billion.

2. MAKUENI FRESH milk hits the Market

Makueni has now joined the league of milk producers with the commissioning of Kikima Dairy Plant.

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The plant has a capacity to process and pack 300 litres per hour and 6600 litres in a day.

Kikima Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society which owns the facility has already made contact with several supermarkets which will stock MAKUENI FRESH milk, among them Mulleys, Naivas, Ngooni and Jimeli.

Makueni produces 18 Million litres of milk annually against a demand of 340Million litres which guarantees market for MAKUENI FRESH.


Below are reactions of #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter)

Special thanks to my Governor prof. KivuthaKibwana for launching the Kikima Dairy plant. This great accomplishment makes me realize the validity of our slogan,”Makueni, the county of promise”Bravoooo!!!

Truth be told, Kivutha Kibwana is far beyond many governors. I’m from Homa Bay county, but I’m proud of him

The universal county health plan commissioned by Prof Kivutha Kibwana in Makueni should be the best learning point for other counties. Governors should start sending their MCAs to Makueni for benchmaking. Health care, water, and education should be at the heart of every governor

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