With the scarcity of space growing everyday within many towns around the country and rural-to-urban migration leaving the country sides empty of human resource to tend to fish pond establishments, it leaves no option than to find better ways to rear fish by utilizing the minimal space available.

There are new developments within the country where you do not need to dig a fish pond. You just need about 8 cubic meters to rear about 1000 catfish or about 300-400 tilapia. You will need to build a wooden framework and then put in a liner that holds the water.

The liners used on the pond has a life-span of more than 5 years and can be purchased from companies such as Tembo Liners.

After adding the liner and adding water to the recommended levels, as per a professional advice, you bring in the fingerlings and fish farming begins.

And the establishment costs?

Fingerlings will come at 10/= each though you can still get them at 5-6/= each. At maximum, 1000 fingerlings will cost KSh.10,000/=

The liner for this kind of pond will be 2M (width) X 4M (length) X 1M (height) will be about 25 square meters maximum. The cost will depend on the gauge of the liner.

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