*7th April 2018*


The farm that started with one cow and a worker in 2007 is today One of the most successful dairy and beef farm in Kenya, with 175 dairy cows, milking 70 with an average production of *1400litres of milk per day*, all sold at the farm

gate and zero grazed beef cattles some weighing more than 1 tonne.

Animals are hosted on half-acre, with the cowsheds divided into sections that include steamers, milking, maternity and calves of between zero and three months and another for winnowers aged six months.

The farm located on a slope ideal for waste disposal also sells heifers and carries out embryo transfers.
It has gained reputation as a source of pedigree cows and a ground for training farmers on dairy management.

Expect to learn secrets behind successful dairy farming, management, making dairy feeds, using technology, staff management, housing, spacing, planning, deworming, feeding, weighing, handling of cows and grouping (lactating, dry cows,

calves and heifers)

2,500/= Inclusive of transport (to and from Nairobi), writing matterials and meals
2,000/= with own transport

Payment to be made to Farmers Trend Mpesa Till Number 201677

More details, images and the past visit to Kefa Gardens can be found via this link: https://www.farmerstrend.co.ke/photos-farm-tour-kefa-gardens-went/













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