Global warming has now reached a point that its changing the climate patterns around the world. Unfortunately, sub-Saharan Africa will be one of the regions which will be most affected.

Farmers harvest rainwater for agricultural and domestic use. Photo: V. Atakos

We are already experiencing the effects of climate change in the form of the recent drought periods and erratic rain patterns in Kenya. Recently, the weatherman announced that the dry spell this year will be longer than previously expected.

Water is life, hence the lack of it affects each and every one of us. It affects our economy by increasing the prices of basic food items. Hence the need for water security to farmers in Kenya.

Farmers can achieve water security by employing simple strategies for Water Harvesting. The cheapest and simplest strategy is to build a small dam on their farm. Traditionally, when farmers want to build a dam, they had to hire a contractor to dig the earth and install the liner for them. This is a very expensive process and the majority of the farmers cannot afford this.

Tembo Liners offers the solution to farmers to build their own dams by providing ready to install Liners in Kenya. All farmers have the basic tools to dig their dam, hence no need to hire a contractor.

For example, a dam to hold 200,000 litres can be made with the following dimensions: 10m length x 10m width x 2m depth. (Approximately Ksh 46,000/-)

After digging their dam, the farmer needs to ensure that the ground is smooth and free of any sharp stones or objects that may damage the liner.

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The next step is to measure the ground length and ground width to get the size of liner required.

With this size, they can place their order with Tembo Liners who will produce this liner to the sizes required.

Installation of the liner is also quite simple. After laying the liner on the dam, the farmer needs to secure the edges of the liner with soil. This serves two purposes: it anchors the liner to the ground and protects the edges from getting damaged by anyone walking on it or from direct sunglight.

Water harvesting will enable every farmer to ensure they have enough water for more than one season of their crop. This reduces the reliance on the weather pattern, improves food security and sustains the farmers income.

The same liners can also be used for Fish Farming, which has been proven as a lucrative side business for farmers.

Recently, World Food Programme (WFP) carried out a pilot project of providing farmers in a drought affected area with liners to hold 500,000 litres. The project was a success as within two years, every farmer was able to repay the cost of the liner and some farmers were even able to purchase another liner with their own means to expand their businesses.

In other parts of the world such as Asia, this technology has been widely adapted and has proven to increase food and income security for the farmers.


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