Green Arava is one of the leading Israeli agriculture companies that is recognized by the Israeli government. As part of our activities in Kenya we had implemented the research farm at the Galana Kulalu project.

In addition to screening and identifying the best maize variaties (yielding 60 to 80 bags / acre per year, in 2 seasons under irrigation) Green Arava had to confront the challenge of the army worm.

The challenge was huge as the Galana area is semi-arid, and the massive cultivated crops had been like a strong magnet to the army worm. Green Arava managed to control the pests without letting it have a commercial damage impact on the crops. Green Arava used methods that are common agricultural practices in Israel. Practices that include monitoring and scouting for the pests,

Engaging statistic models, pesticides mode of action rotation and taking in account the phenology of crop stage as well as the army worm life cycle.

With our proven methods to grow and succeed in an area attacked by the Army worm, we are inviting your people and your farmers to visit us in the Galana Kulalu farm to receive training that would benefit people of your county through the expertise achieved by Green Arava to fight the army worm, as we had operated the Galana research and model farm. All these methods could be successfully implemented in your county.

Ofir Meroz
Country Manager
Green-Arava Ltd

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