Characteristics of The Common Strawberry Varieties Grown in Kenya

Strawberry Varieties: Angela, June bearing, Day neutral, Ever bearing and Seascape are not varieties of strawberries, but categories, just like tribes for people.

Within the broader groups, however, we have varieties. There are over 40 varieties of strawberries, but three namely Chandler, Pajaro and Selva are very popular in the country.

The three fall in the hybrid category and are mainly grown for export. Below are the varieties:

Pajaro: It is a fast-growing variety, popular for large berries and good flavour.

Chandler: This is a high-yielding plant that produces large and firm fruits within 60–75 days. The fruits are not only large but have good flavour and firm skin.

Selva: A neutral day variety producing small berries with good flavour and colour.

Fern: A neutral day variety with heavy yield of large fruits but lighter than all the others.

Aiko: Uniform, large, long fruit of conical shape, with a pointed end, firm flesh, pale red colour, slightly sweet, very resistant to transport and high yield.

Douglas: Matures early, has clear foliage and offers good fruits of elongate conical shape and orange-red colour. It has firm flesh, which is red-coloured with a pink centre, and a good taste.

The crop is high-yielding. Other varieties include Nanandreas, Albion, Red glory, Manhattan.

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