A fishpond can be the perfect addition to your garden, and it can turn any space into an oasis of peace. However, you can connect with nature even more and interact with your fish. Many people enjoy making them eat from their hands, and this is something that you can do too.

It is not that difficult to teach your fish to come to you, and you will be able to take a closer look at them and see whether they look healthy enough. Here is how you can feed your pond fish.

It takes time

Before we get started, we should warn you that this process will take time and things will not happen over time. You will need plenty of patience, as fish can be a bit afraid of you at first. If the fish is new to the pond, you will need to give it time to adjust to his new home before trying to feed him out of your hand. It can take a couple of weeks until the fish feels comfortable.

Be gentle

When you first approach them, you must be careful so that you do not scare them. Use slow movements so that the fish get used to you. If you make any sudden movements, there is a big chance that they will swim away.

Find some leaders

If your fish are very timid, it might be a good idea to find them an example. If there are a couple of fish that act courageous, it is very likely that the other ones will follow them. If none of your pond fish dare to come closer, you might need to buy one or two new fish.

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Stay away from the pond

If your fish refuse to come to the surface when you feed them, this means that they are very shy and you should take things even slower. Start by maintaining your distance and feed them while standing a few steps away from the pond. Throw the food and wait until they come to the surface. Repeat this step for a couple of days.

After you have done this, you can get one-step closer. Repeat this again for a few more days. You should get closer gradually until you are at the edge of the pond.

Feed them out of your hand

Now that you finally reached the edge of the pond, it is time to make them come to you. Throw a small amount of food in the pond and keep the rest of it in your hand. Submerge your hand under the water and keep it there. When fish arrive, let food go, slowly, until the little swimmers realize that your hand is the source of food.

Repeat this step and you will soon notice that there will be some fish who will want to get to the food faster. They should be the first ones that come to your hand, and they will eat right from it. Don’t be disappointed if there are fish that maintain their distance. The personality of the fish influences their behavior, and there might be fish that will never accept to eat right out of your hands.

Announcing your fish

If you want to get their attention, you might want to signal them when it’s feeding time. You can do that by tapping two small stones together. The fish will learn that the sound means that food is ready and they should come to you anytime you do this.

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Use food that they enjoy

If you want your pond fish to come to you, you should give them food that they like. Gold fish and koi might have different tastes so you should see which kind of food your fish prefer. When you choose a brand, make sure that the ingredients that are used are safe.

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